HR Service for a new business
For any company who start established in Thailand, we are focus business strategies in the right direction and with the right support in response to an as yet unfamiliar working environment. We will help you to choose the right partner from the beginning which can lead your company to a competitive position within the new market faster and better prepared.

We are trustworthy, credible, reliable, professional and knowledgeable local HR partner. To ensures that you can save time and focus on your company’s strategy and business while we help to minimize your risks, leveraging our expertise for the ultimate success of your business.

With more than 20 years we have experiences advising companies about the Thailand labor market and we profoundly understand the HR related challenges for any new market entry into Thailand . We offer a comprehensive range of HR services from:

How to best set up a business in Thailand
Recruitment of your key managerial staff
Payroll outsourcing
Employee staffing
Administration outsourcing
Human resource consulting
Accencis Executive Search
The biggest pool of senior employees, particularly from management level up
The professional transformation established executive search service in Thailand
Strong network internationally and locally for continued valuable advice
Specialized industries: FMCG , Consumer Goods, Financial Services, IT, Manufacturing, Chemical, Oil & Mining, Property/Construction, Pharma , Retail and Marketing
Specialized functions: HR, Finance and Accounting, IT, Engineering, Payroll and HR Outsourcing:
Thailand labor law expertise
Consultants with solid experience and in-depth knowledge
Focus on updated and innovative technologies to ensure the highest levels of security
International standards with local understanding
In-depth experience with well-known and Big local organization
Consultants with expertise in HR management
Reduce the time you spend sourcing and screening for positions. Our team will learn yours needs and narrow candidates to find a perfect fit. We screen, qualify and long-list candidates for your vacancy.
HR Consulting Service
We provide everything people-related, from compliance to paperwork. To ensure your business is on track and help you reduce the risk of labor law violations by setting up best policies, procedures, and practices. We offer phone consulting as well serving the resource for all employee-related matters
Workforce Service
We service the staffing or payroll service We work diligently to ensure each potential talent broader pool of talented senior executive is highly qualified, committed to excellence and ready to work as an excellence professionally which is mean we handling monthly payroll and administration for all staffs under Accencis’s employment contract.
Payroll Service
We offer extensive experience in the operation of the payroll function and a track record of delivering accurate cost effective payroll services system.
Corporate training
Our training and development services are customized to meet company needs and individual’s career aspirations. Services include but are not limited to the following: On-the-Job-Training, Employee Orientation / On-boarding, Establishing A Training Function, Training Strategy Development, Employee Performance Analysis, Organizational Training Needs Assessment
Accencis Global Education
Accencis Global Education is provide you a student recruitment offering student placement services. It places students into all sectors of the International education system, including higher education, vocational education and Training, schools and language Centers.

Accencis aim is to assist students in all their student needs to achieve their educational, social, and personal goals. By providing them with a completely personalized and professional service, we lead our students towards an outstanding education in leading International educational institutes.
Our aim is to make every part of their International experience memorable and rewarding.

At Accencis Global Education, our directors, counselors, advisors and staff follow student-centered ideals by understanding each and every individual’s goals and ambitions, then providing the most efficient and value-added services to match the best institutions to each student’s needs. In this process we hope to make their entire journey comfortable, fun, and secure.
Visa, Work permit & Pay rolling for expatriate services
We are the expert for Visa, work permit & pay rolling service all transaction of expatriate which handle within Kingdom of Thailand.
Background check
We will provide you with accurate, complete and timely background information on your potential hiring. We will work closely with your company ensure your standard hiring practices are adhered to.
Our services include:
Executive Search
Helping you recruit and hire new employees
General HR consulting available by phone
HR projects like creating job descriptions or conducting a personnel file audit
Helping you choose which HR systems and processes to set up
HR strategy to help you plan for growth or improve employee productivity
Training managers and staff
Helping you recruit and hire new employees
Setting up employee benefits, compensation packages and other programs
Helping you manage employee leave programs

Accencis HR Consulting & Talent Acquisition Consultant Team is committed to Accelerate your talent process with differentiate experiences.

- Our team is highly trained and experienced in international recruitment selection with a focus on pedagogical and intercultural competencies.
- We pride ourselves on our personalized approach to recruitment.
- We possess deep knowledge of our recruiter carried out by our professional Support & Evaluation Team.
- We work diligently to ensure each candidate we recommend is highly qualified, committed to professional excellence and undergoes a smooth transition to your organization and community.
- We can assure you of the high quality of workforce we put forward – if a candidate leaves the company prior to their first 4 months, we will seek a replacement at no additional costs. We are confident in our capabilities to identify and meet your needs.

Great & Challenge Career Opportunity

Opportunity to work in a world class recruitment team from multinational Colleagues. To maximize your people skills, recruitment skills and management skills up to the top level in international workforce society.

If you are interested in this recruitment consultant position as a freelancer, then submit your recruitment CV to us. Accencis is a career consultancy that specializes in placing all levels of recruitment professionals:

If you are an experienced recruitment professional looking for advice and guidance about the recruitment market, please feel free to submit your details for an open conversation
Accencis typically place recruitment professionals in to the following positions:

I.T. Recruitment, Technology Recruitment, Digital Recruitment,SAP Recruitment, Media Recruitment, Marketing Recruitment, Finance Recruitment, Accountancy Recruitment, Procurement Recruitment, Supply Chain Recruitment, HR Recruitment, Education Recruitment, Legal Recruitment, Investment Banking Recruitment, Business support Recruitment, Office Support Recruitment Pharmaceutical Recruitment, Management Recruitment, C-Level Recruitment ,Board Recruitment, Executive Recruitment, Banking Recruitment, Transformation, Recruitment Change Management Recruitment, Insurance Recruitment.

Recruitment Consultant , Senior recruitment Consultant , Principal consultant, Managing Consultant Recruitment Team Leader , Recruitment Manager , Recruitment Director , Associate Director , Business Development Director , Account Manager , Delivery consultant